I have decided. i will from now on post pictures of my body parts only. i realised i have nothing interesting to show on my face, especially my very bad make-up techniques.

  • uneven concealer blending

  • going by a ritual of only putting on concealer around my eyes. and with bad blending, i look pretty gross.

  • a wrong purchase of my finish powder got me showing people some colour difference on my neck and face.

  • i never remove make-up after work. i just go to sleep. i know. fucking idiotic me.

  • my photo-shop techniques ain't that good

so YEAH.. just so fucking gonna forget it. maybe once in a while when i am feeling pretty or wadeva..

forgot to mention. My boy recently gave me a tutorial on how to wear proper eye makeup. i was such a bad student, he ended up putting on the colours to better illustrate. if only i had pictures. .. he was too adorable.
ring, top, braids from bangkok.

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