peek a boo

I got myself a new job. i don't know what the fuck is going through my mind. I have a job in a nightclub. the managers are especially nice and they offer comfortable hours. but i don't know i got myself working as a coordinator for a hotel. it's a typical 9-5pm job with bad hourly rate.
But nevermind. cause there is internet access to feed my fashion inspiration thirst and even my online shopping.
Got my new favourite thing. knuckle ring from thailand from their local designer. i would have bought more if i knew there were in sucha good quality. the only problem were.. they were a little loose for my skeletal finger. my boy tries to resized before it got pretty distorted. *^$#^^%!!!!!
also spotting my very self made body jewellary with my exposed lacy bra. i can't get enough showing that bra.


Rachel Lynne said...

Beautiful clothing, I adore the ring.
with love,
rachel lynne

Zoƫ said...

wow this is amazing!
loving all the accessories you've got going on. Hope you enjoy ur job!!