Look what a great find. $50!!!

Burning sensation that oozes out of charcoal

Had a few hours of fun BBQ-ing with friends before rushing off to work.

Sequined dress- mango
Sandals- modjo
DIY chanel inspired waist chain
Necklace from indonesia

scorett; price: US$135
Office; price: US$165
chloe; price:US$ 1500

Jeffrey campbell; price: US$ 198

Knowing that the whole world is going to own a pair, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I am not going to add any of the above to my shoe collection. And no.. i don't feel bad about it. (:

RZ S02E04

From episode 1-3 please visit Lulu site.

Party pics part I

Alcohol/Laughter/tears/fun/love/shitting in the pants/free booze/dancing with the super cool boss/holding random hands/fondling males chest

Summing up it was a helluva night at Butterfactory

Need no introduction

So so tired from work.

what you looking at meow meow?

(kiss necklace: chainless-brain )
(Flower blazer & studded bracelet blogshop; AA low back dress; boots: EBay)

While waiting for the boy to come over I shaved bits of the eyebrow. Sometimes I find the weirdest things to do while waiting for someone like plucking my forearm hair and playing with the ever emerging pimple. But shaving the eyebrow was proudest thing i have ever done.

it's finally holidays and my friends been msging me non-stop asking me out. They must have somehow known
I'm free ( no they don't read my blog no check the twitter).Honestly not many of my friends know about my blog. i kinda like the attention from strangers. haha.

South park season 12. loving the sick humour. watchin it while munching on cherry tomatoes. ..

Kate the cat

"Now that you have shaved those sides too.. i am left in the lurch feeling not so like a star anymore"

Puffy Generation

(puffy sleeved outerwear:vintage; sequined shorts:topshop; lace leggings:local store; white singlet:zara ;corset bra:cotton on; Boots:LEE)

I got this beautifully detailed vintage outerwear two months ago and am still not sure what took so long to wear it out. I realised I have left my lace legging in the lurch for abit too long so I decided to get out for some fresh air.

Again my boy and I went to Chinatown and we finally had the chicken rice we've been talking about for the past 6 months. It was pretty disappointing though.