Fake nails... what was i thinking??

I've always admired those little girls getting their nails pretty. french manicure, acrylics, fake.... you name it. They have it. So i decided to try it. Since I'm so into DIYs, i bought fake nails, stickers and nail polish and well i got to these designs without help from magazine. I think it's not too bad for the first time.

I kept looking at my nails for the rest of the night and was so excited to go to class and do some typing on my lappie.

First, i arrived at school realising one of my nails dropped off even with super glue! I spend half of my break time looking for it.

Second, i couldn't type.

Third, i couldn't send smses.

Fourth, i couldn't increase the volume on my Ipod nano.

Fifth, i took 10 mins to unbutton and then to button myself up.

Sixth, i was totally regretting the idea of even thinking about this stupid manicure bull!!

seventh, regrets..

Eighth, regrets..

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