Arm accessories for the greater goodness


You must have heard of body chains circulating around the net. I was on an endless search to own myself one but they were too expensive. I discovered this label not long ago who calls themselves Chainless-Brain.
Seriously I am amazed how affordable these are and the quality factor (rhodium plated) is equally amazing!

Only @ $SGD 32 (paypal accepted)

Check out their other super cool accessories at Chainless-Brain


Ivy said...

I added you onto my blog roll :)

thesydneygirl said...

ohhh how cool! i love it! hope you have a wonderful weekend stylista!

Mizz Supashopaholic said...

AWESOMEEEEE I've been wanting one for myself (as can be seen on that last StockholmStreetStyle inspiration pic I posted), and I'm attempting a DIY this weekend. I just don't know if it's gonna stay on your shoulder/arm though!? I move my arms a lot so I have no idea how I'm gonna keep it in place! lol

And that price is super cheap..


StyleBrownie said...

yeah.. i know!!!!!!!! i am on a week shopping ban. so keep my fingers to myself for the moment. but i wanna grab it. it's so affordable and of good quality. littermb...seriously is way way over my budget!!

this is one good and lucky find for me.. hehe

Bridgette said...

i love these! i might have to order some for my collection!

thanks for the comment! ;)

Anonymous said...

what a cool idea. that i saw never before!

Anonymous said...

i only wonder how it gets held up?!

Poisoned Amour said...

woah they actually look pretty nice:)
thankss for your comment!

Nika said...

super cute, now I want one

Nerdic.. said...

It looks good, thanks for sharing!
Did you order one? Let me know, I'm thinking of ordering one too..
Btw. I didn't upgraded my camera unfortantly, my brother has a Nikon and sometimes he takes pictures of me..
X, fashion-nerdic.