Nike Gladiator Sandals

So who else is diggin this Nike gladiator sandals?


Ashley said...

Hey great blog, we can def. link to each other!

Alice said...

OMG i would definitely get those in a heartbeat!!
i wonder how much they are. i'd assume they're comfortable, considering they're Nike.. hmm

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Love these!!

xo, Becs

Damsels said...

hmm i'm on the cuff
We Were Damsels

Luxi said...

not my style but I think you'd rock em so good^__^
those emma cook boots went for €380! my budget was €100 so I had no chance, oh well! I'll have to keep a look out or make a lot more money

Luv Lux

CAMILLE said...

those sandals are great!

Anonymous said...

whatttt?! those are amazinggg!

Anonymous said...

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