fashion fades through lack of fund


Yes I want all 11 of these shoes! Is that too much? I don't..think so. Hope not. All right let's make it an auspicious number. Let's say number 8( I'm from an asian country afterall). Is that better?
Fuck Bara.. GO to sleep! you have no money.
-*Self talk* During one of those days-


michellehendra said...

damn it! they're all suchhhh drooling shoes! i want themmmmm..


Bara said...

i know dear.. i am want it too... !!!

i would be getting some of the flats thoough. its funny.. i only have one sandals which are the laced up sandals on the previous post

gotta stock up on those flats

Is This Real Life? said...

Love,Love Love these pics of shoes, I kinda want them all too!

elisabeth said...

oh dear i dont think i could narrow it down to 8!lol.

so many nice colours for the summer

StyleBrownie said...

is this real life:
i know i know!! Its hard to be a woman. tough tough!

StyleBrownie said...

to elisabeth:

8 was the most i could narrow down. it is an auspicious no. hahaha that was my only comfort. lucky number equals to good returns. :)

Siera said...

I saw most of the models here in Bulgaria in Paolo Botticelli's shop and they cost about 30-40 euros.

Here's a link. You may try to order them online.
Hope I've helped you somehow.

oriwa said...

you really have an eye for amazing shoes!


Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

hey...the brown wedges one is the one that im going to make.....costum made.

Jamie said...

A girl can never have too much shoes in my opinion. Only damn money :P
And you got a great taste in shoes, makes me wanna go sky high with my shoes again :3