All the single Ladies

(Ruched peep-toe pump in black @ victoria secrets)
All right girls. I remember going crazy over these shoes many months back before Aldo, Chloe and GJ did a pretty good job in making me forget about these. Well it appeared in my life again but well at a better cause. The price has been slashed off from US$129-US$89.99.

This is the first time i am actually thinking carefully before purchasing. This has never happened! God has not forsaken me.

They give me a Stella McCartney on the wedge area which i totally adore. Actually the whole gaga over these shoes are wedges. I Honestly hate the peep-toe. The wedge is wonderful but the peep-toe? Nah nah. Maybe i could buy it and do some DIY but nope, I am lazy so that isn't a great idea too.

Gosh i am confused. Please come and rescue me from my misery. Let me know what you think or a simple YES or NO will do

Thanks girl!



Sylvia said...

OHHH EMMMM GEEEE, you have to get it!!!!! I am in love with it, i NEED it!

michellehendra said...

aww awwww awwwwww.. i want it!! really.

StyleBrownie said...

hahaha omg!! shall i? sure? isit worth its? what do you think i can pair it with?

suggestion... suggestions?

Anonymous said...

socks (like discreet socks) to hide the peep toe?

jamie clare said...

i don't like the peeptoe either. why couldn't they have done a nice almond toe? lamesauce.

but they do have that wedge...

Sylvia said...

I think you can rock em with like everything girl. IM SO SAD, theres no more in my size!!! If there is for you, shoot for it. Black though!!!