Aldo shoes have indian names

Has anyone considered these babies yet? He's from Aldo and his name is Tumlin. He's pretty affordable too. He's going at US$100.
Tumblin can be also viewed here
note: I prefer my shoe gender to be male. I tend to be more soft and tender to man. So this is one trick I use to take better care of my shoes.


Ashleigh said...

your blog is crazzzy good ;)

Ashley said...

I love these! Total Givenchy look-alikes..I did a post on these a couple days ago :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm,I've been looking for wedges and you're giving me great ideas!! Love your blog hun. Maybe I'll have to settle with this since I cant get the hale bob's.

Zarna said...

thanks for the sweet words on my blog!

love all these fab shoes you've got up!!


Ms. Butterfly said...

Did you see the black lace up shoes on go jane? Think it was $25 those where pretty hot too, wish I didn't buy those stupid GZ.

Mo said...

i'd like to have Tumlin move into my closet. :)

ps- I've given you an award on my blog

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

WHOA! These are Aldo? They're incredible!


honeyortar said...

These shoes are amazing. I think it's deffinately better to buy from mid range shops such as Aldo when the shoe is a statement piece.
Also love the outfit post a few below! xo

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

love's stunning! :)
thanks for your previous comment.
Wanna exchangwe links maybe?
or i just add you to my link ,okay?