The little bird eventually returns to its nest

(motorjacket:topshop,mesh swimsuit:AA,jeans:Bangkok, studded shoes:VS)

I thrifted this jeans at Bangkok. Topped it with my all time favorites, motor jacket and I was good to go for work.
I’ve been arguing with the boy for the past few weeks for no apparent reason. It so hard to be woman, even I can’t explain my actions and behaviors most of the time try to brighten my days with super loud colours(hot pink and neon yellow) but it isn’t feeling right. Black feels like the right colour at the moment.
I am waiting for these troubles to go away so that I can concentrate on working on my “fashion project” for my friends and local visitors. *excited*


lauren baluyo said...

black has been my choice of color too these past few days. :0T

anyway, those AA jeans are effin amazing!!! wish i could cop a pair myself. your style is so spot on. i love it. keep 'em comin!

Anonymous said...

Hey lovely!!

I like your steeelo girl. This outfit is the ultimate badass look, i reallllly love the booties.

I would love to link with you. Keep posting! =]

BrownieBara said...

To Lauren,

hey sweets. thanks for the comments. urm.. yeah.. blac seem to be the right thing eventhough its summer and the whole world seems to be switching to splash of colours.:D

well i got the pants over ta BAngkok actually. it was such a thrift. US$5. crazy? ya boy!

BrownieBara said...

to Sylvia, Thanks for your comment.
loving the boots too. i'm waiting for VS to come up with some bad ass platform heels. can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I present you a blogger award for having some cool outfits! =] Check my bloggaaa.

Edric said...

very nice!

Shila Ghaisani said...

you look great on them.

CAMILLE said...

ooh so glad to see your sweet. Love people that find my blog that look at my storea also. Plus you have AMAZING style, I think we have similar taste..i'm getting alot of the same things you have from AA :)
Yes i will definetly be adding you to my faves!

camille x
p.s where abouts you from

BrownieBara said...

hey camille, you hava a great blog seriously!!
yeah AA has one of the best clothes. simple and great for layering!!

well im singapore!!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

incredible! i love how all of your pictures are against a white wall it gives a great sense of consistency.