i'm tucking it all in fo you.

(hot pink blazer:Zara, mesh swimsuit:AA, laced up white heels:Gojane)
So its Friday and i have nothing to do. There's no one else in the class except me. Everybody out doing something I'm over here playing "hells kitchen". it's a lame shit-ass game.. but i see myself playing it over and over again.
I was on the bus and realise that i have no ass. i could feel my ass bone. Ass bone? yeah if you don't have an ass you will know what i mean.
I took a fancy on Micro mesh Bodysuit. its a better progression of this AA micro mesh bodysuit. sometimes just wearing a bra underneath makes me look slutty! lucky for those who still look stylish.
My boyfriend just started work at a gay club. i feel so insecure. Hmm.. somethings wrong.
with me.


Shila Ghaisani said...

I like you shoes!
nice blog :)

Sylvia said...

Great outfit! The pink blazer is lovely!

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

whooa..i love your blazer and shoes. perfect.

Check out mine.

Jay♥ said...

Very sexy! I love the pink blazer with the mesh body suit.

Luxi said...

just looking through your blog-you are amazing! I am in love with everything you own, and am seriously jelous. you beauty <3

Luv Lux
x x x

Mode Junkie said...

haha. i def. know what an ass bone is!
you look amazing babe. rad style!

Boubou said...

oh love love your style girl :) original blog :)
ill be back to visit you :)
a bientot !
Boubou xx

Maria said...

Great look!

Mads said...

this outfit is hot and you lady is hot!=) love your blog and your style..=) will visit again soon..=)