hey baby.. i like the way you light me up.

Me: baby do u want me to leave e library??

ed: of cos

Me: ok then i wanna buy the shoes

ed: i wan u to go have a good dinner and rest

me: if not i dun leave!!!!

me: hahahhahahahhaaahaa

ed: eh eh eh

me: if not i will hide in the toilet and sneeze

me:"poor me"

ed: babi!

ed: !!!!!

few hrs later...
ed leaves me a msg.

ed:choose your bed or shoes ok. love u smelly.

allrighty. it was so hard to convince him to let me get this shoes. it's like this. i came to a decision to let him control my finances. i have this thing about me whereby i like to get rid of my cash as soon as i get my hands on it. i would go to all the online shops and go on a shopping sprees. before i knew it. i have spent it all. on top of that i don't even have a full time job. Just a part-time in a night club. so yeah. i have up the responsibility of handling my own finances and let him handle mine.

so for these, i really need a bed. I've sleeping on my sleeping bag for months. but the thing is it's never gonna go away. But this will. so the bed gotta wait. here i come.

this aldo" maune" cost US140 online and a hefty US 215 at the retail shops. it's so freaking expensive seriously!! goodness. online is always better.

looking like a potential customer i tried on the shoes. it is a very comfortable shoes and very versatile. i can imagine wearing it with anything. ANything!! gave the attendant some excuse and walked out. it's like this in Singapore. they get commission on each sales. so they kinda choose on who they want to give their undivided attention to. and after much probing and u don't get it, it's pretty obvious the next time you go to the shop they will shuff some shoes into your mouth.

so yes. yes. I'm so gonna buy this shoes!!

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