wet look leggings

a wetlook legging pants are so pretty lookingbut the one i got is freaking uncomfortable. i got this pants on these japan online store which i got through a middle. thus i am not too sure of the store's name. my apologise. the thing is it pretty amazing how small this legging/pants are. it's a free size but only miniatures can fit in comfortably. it was a feat to pull it all the way up so i kept my drinking to a minimal hoping not to visit the loo.

i got my red hot heels in both black and red. i hate patents products to a maximum level the "pateny" effect gave the redness of the shoes an extra WA-WA woom.

and my favourite outerwear- topshop faux leather bomber jacket. i got it at US$70. a buy that is so suitable for me yet so inappropriate for a country that i am living in

rasta hat, shredded tee, wetlook legging, red heels

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