This was a post which i was to post up long ago but somehow i left it buried in my draft box. it was months ago that i had inspiration on the indian Culture. many ways of tying up long length of cloth also known as the sari, dhoti, awesome colourful accessories. i will promise to upload some. it is definately going to perk up some of your genious fashionable heads.

this a the simpler version of an dhoti. the authenthic dhoti tying is more intricate in detail. much more chic looking( if u work it well) and extremly simple to do.

i top it up with a chucky neckies which completed the look and i further played around with my boots as an add one. i kinda like the whole confusion of boots, scarf skirt, chunky neckies and my ball up the head hairdo coming well together somehow

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oldest poison said...

Interesting. I love the way you put this together, it's a little crazycrazy but it all works so well! And I love your Lee boots, they're rugged but you manage to put some beauty in them. And I also really like your blog. And your style. And your clothes, lol.

...And your hair! You should keep it natural; it looks good on you!

Okay. I'm done.