I'm just a ordinary fashion victim

New pair of shoes to add to my fetish feed- zipped up heels. i seem to see zippers everywhere nowadays. pockets, front panel of top/skirts/ dresses. i am not that into the idea but this shoes are just awesome.
and did i tell you. it is comfy comfy .

i have not been blogging for like forever. why? i have been spending my time rotting at my boys place and just plain fashion surfing. i keep opening up my blog to remind myself to get my ass to upload my pics. but i don't know why but something about editing my picture size is forbidding me from blogging.

me: you know me so well.. am i lazy?

boy: no dear, ofcourse not.

me: hmmmm.. yeah!

went back to bed for my third nap.

shirt dress:woonderland
shoes: zipper-up heels

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