Dear baby,
Its time to learn and start to make a change
Wait for too long,
things will get out of range
To stay ahead of the game so many you have to adjust
It takes a long time please don rush
Things don happen just because you wan it fast
Truth is you won’t last if you run that fast
You’ve been through a lot
Problems keep coming at you no matter how you dodge
God is a Blacksmith with an iron wrought
Clamp between beat you up till you’re red hot
Pain is the process of molding you
That’s how life is, and how you look at it
You go through it coming out stronger than ever
Better and lasting longer than ever
Stop and strategize plan and realize
That you can run but you can’t hide
When u’re on top everyone wants to get to you
When u make mistakes everybody shuns you
Nobody remembers the achievements
They only remember the times you fuck up
The times when disaster strikes
But its never too late to try
The end result is a damn long ride
Endless winding road and never smooth sailing
If you’re wiling to take it it’s the path to right
Believe me at the end of the tunnel you’ll see the light
You've always been there for me, I know. But now that you have asked me to change you have only reminded me of people i detest and how you have agreed with them on how fucked up I am.
You have asked for a change. But am i ready to do that for you? I don't know. If it's all about me. Don't ever ask me for my opinions anymore. Don't let me make decisions all the time. Anyway it does not mattter anymore cause i've been numbed. Please do me a favour. Don't ask me to change and ask why I've changed.