No way to a brownie Ms SOH

I received a email today.

Hi! Mr & Miss SOH(school of hospitality) Nominees,

The nomination period has not ended yet, but I will like to inform you of this Thursday’s audition.
For this year’s Mr & Miss SOH, it will be a quick close door audition. So fear not.

Winners of Mr & Miss SOH will be representing at the final competition, Mr & Miss RP in January.

Date: 27th November 2008, Thursday
Time: 5pm
Venue: W1 Level 1 Wellness 360 room

The audition will be a simple one. There will be 3 sections during the audition. 1x short catwalk, 1x interview question, and 1x talent (if any). So try your very best to prepare them before hand.

If you have any enquiries, let me know asap.

Cheers! J

My classmate Alicia voted me for this. If it was just a runway I don't mind. But if I had to answer questions, it's not going to be a choice. I can’t imagine myself in the front of a stage, given the easiest question and screwing it. It would have been fun if it was just some kind of runway.

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