Little india & biryani

Peanuts and I had graving for Indian food so we went to Little India to eat Biryani. It is the best biryani I ever had. As an Indian my self, i tried many kinds of these basmati flavoured rice but these has got to be the best. i would have posted some pictures but i was pretty occupied playing picture face game with my camera.
"1...2...3.. SMILE !"
peanuts= suppose to smile but fails terribly. acted cool instead
"1..2..3.. SAD!"
Peanuts= acted cute. opened his eyes wide open and pouted his lips.
"1..2..3...! give me angry"
Peanuts= raised his eyebrow. no way close to when the times when i make him angry.
I finally found a hat that fits my miniature head. i got from Zara at a reasonable price so I'm pretty gleeful. I've never really been a hat person due to the weather here. forever humid and hot. not missing out on the looks i get when I'm wearing my boots and hat.

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