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An email i received from Fashionispoison.

Hi Bara,

The boots will retail between $340-345 in stores. That was the original price when they were first released on victoria's secret. LF was only selling in stores and I think they are out of stock in most sizes already. Here is a breakdown of the boots cost. Keep in mind that I am not charging additional fees, simply what it costs me to get the boots.

$345 + 9.5% tax ($32.77) + $10 shipping fee to me + $18 paypal fee (you can choose to send an echeck which costs $5 but takes a week to clear) = $405.77 via paypal or $392Shipping to the US will vary upon how buyer wants me to send them.
First Class aka SNAIL MAIL is ~$9
Priority is ~$15 (heavy box!)
Express is ~$30 (depends on location)

International shipping rates will be as follows
USPS 1st class will be around $25
riority will be $35
USPS Express will be around $50

Help yourself girl. the prices itself is depressing to me but might be otherwise for some of you. You can get it here



modediktat said...

YAY!!!! Lucrecia is the best! I love her! Will you go for them?? I hope so! The perfect boots for you!
Please post some pictures when you'll get them!!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Bara!
xoxo Sofie

StyleBrownie said...

no dear.. its way over my budget. it was up on sale at VS for US$90. life sucks.. i know

ELVIA said...

super fab!
mad expensive :/

StyleBrownie said...

hey girls.. i got the shoes anyway!


@ US345 and free international shipping. it was a real good offer and i got it at my size too..

hope that helped

ChickyGirl said...

I love those boots!! Soo nice!

Isaure. said...

I see this boots everywhere, they are DOPE!