hey I am back!! like for good. i know I promised a come back on the 27th but hey what the heck i missed playing around with my clothes and posting it up.

the only reason i took a break from blogging was because the whole blogskin and saturated picture quality was killing me. i realised the pictures weren't that fantastic. the pictures are better but the blogskin are never to my liking so i got the default blogger skin. hah.. it sucks really.. but its better than nothing. hey hey.. feel free to recommend me any sites that offers free blog skin.

i just wanna apologise for those who visit my blog regularly to check the updates. i have a bad girl. i derserve a spank.

on thw outfit post, my friend commented i look like a present with that ribboned pants. i got the corset bra from Cotton on. i had to get it. they had it in extra small. just the idea of extra small was an attractive feature instead of the usual "cup size" indication. i have not much of a cup anyway.so extra small sounded less offensive and cute to me. it was pretty shear so i wore another lacy bra underneath.



Daughters of Dawn said...

those pants are killer! I have to agree (as a proud owner of extra small cups) extra small is so dainty. Now if only ass was an XS;)

Ms. Butterfly said...

You Look hot Bara

nicola ticola ponders said...

those pants are SOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!

nicola xx


JINX said...

Do your thing showty


a frock a day said...

Love the outfit! Especially the pants & shoes.

Nikki S. said...

I love the corset bra!! You look great (:

thesydneygirl said...

oh my goodness! how hot r u?! haha

awesome blog!!! thanks for ur lovely comment =)

means a lot to me cause i haven't been sketching for long. so when someone makes such a nice comment it lets me know i'm on the right track!

i do hope shin from fashion cappuccino likes the illustration i did of her too. i don't think she's seen it yet:P

p.s. i only started sketching a year ago. before that i thought i wasn't a good drawer. i tried and got better and better. you should try it. i started of drawing very simple things.