Lipshin got some hot locks going on

Check this guy out. hmm Upon seeing these paintings I am contemplating if i should get a new header?Maybe I should. My sis kinda owes me her life. It shouldn't be to get one done by next week. you aka(Sis)


Paperface said...

These are absolutely amazing. I'm going to try to paint these.

fashionETC. said...

hey, thanks for writting.Anyway, there's no problem, I'll copy your link in my blog ;)
And cute pink blazer you got! ( I've got green one)

honeyortar said...

Love your blog. These paintings are wonderful, they are very talented! I love your outfit below! xo

Paperface said...

Yeah, I'm definitely following your blog.

Love your hair by the way. Cutting it was a majorly good idea.



Lorraine. said...

These are breathtaking!
Love love love especially the last one!