(see thru brown shirt: AA, vintage sequin cluthch & Gloss gold pants: fleamarket, belt: moschino)
(Brown vest: brandless, black tube top:mphosis gold beaded nacklace: sixsix, heels: GJ)

There is only reason why i got myself into blogging. It keeps me sane. I knew i was at an instant where i was about to slash my collegues head. yes more than one. i was planning on more like a massacare. Then this thought came to me. why don't i just start a blog. Here i am blogging. so Now you know. So if you see that i have been putting up post everyday, my life is pretty f*! so there you go. my reason for lack of updates.



Blanquita G said...

i love the shoes!!!!!! the trousers are fantastic!!!!!

Alice said...

ahaha, i loved your comment! thanks so much!

now it's time for some style brownie for me!

i love how you can pull off these amazing outfits. i love that tee paired with those pants paired with that belt. oh, and the vest is nice too :P. AND your hair adds a nice touch!

blogging does keep people sane!

Toni Tones said...

whoa!...totally loving it, could totally rock that outfit, love rhe belt, pants, and the way v put it 2getha, love love love x

Jamie said...

I'm not big of a fan of brownish colours but this is so nice to look at :3

Ps. You got a new follower ^^

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hot belt, looks fab with the shoes. Which shoes are they? Remind me of some I have... with zippers, right? ;)


Ms. Butterfly said...

lol don't hurt anybody :D

What camera do you shoot with?

Also I came zcross a Moschino belt and thought about you, but I felt it was over priced. Your vest and shorts love them.

Nika said...

such a fun outfit, and I love your hair.

Anonymous said...

My girl Bara has actually smiled in a picture and i am LOVIN it! hehe! Great slouchy outfit. MmmM! BTW, did you buy any of the shoes you posted??

Shin said...

Gold pants!?? You're kidding! They're amazing!!! You hair looks very pretty too! xxxoxoxo

denise said...

nice outfit. that double layer vest thing looks reaallly cool :D

sexyinthecity said...

Is the first time I visit your blog but I love your style ;)
Is fantastic!! Great style!


TheGlamorousEccentric said...

hey! i haven't forgotten about your question i've been reallly bad about blogging but im back.

first, let me say i love the texture of your pants and the way you paired it with that vest.

second, i did a post on some pretty awesome hairstyles and I had you in mind for some of the looks.

as for my skin, i exfoliate everyday with st.ives apricot scrub then i moisturize with this almond cream. i try to wear moisturizer with spf everyday as well!

hope this helps! keep on doing what you're doing the blog is incredible!

JINX said...

Babygirl your blog is the truth...i'm now hooked


KATIA said...

Gah, you look beautiful, I love how you do your hair. Those pants are fabulous by the way!

Paperface said...

I couldn't love your hair more. It's not possible.

Best hair ever.

Nieci said...

I can totally agree and understand blogging keeps me sane as well. ( Partially sane anyway). You look great, and if your not modeling, you should be.