what I wore to school the other day

Dress:Edhardy, Sweater:topshop, Boots:LEE, Rasta hat:accessorize, Neckies:sixsix(singapore jewelary store)
It has not officially started but many stores already started slashing their prices to get ready for the "Great Singapore Sale". I've been looking forward for this month hoping to save and buy as many coloured basis tops as possible!

Super excited!!

BTW I love how that sweater held on by my vintage belt made me look like I had an ass. In real life, I don’t have one.


Shin said...

You have an amazing blog and your legs are so long!! I've never seen that "Baby Baby" music video but it's crazy hilarious!! xxoxo

Luxi said...

you are pretty and I love that chic little neckalce! yes, the babe is mine:)he is 9months and so cute and fun! I'm glad I'm following your blog:)you can follow mine if you just go upto the toolbar type thing at the top of the blog where it says next blog etc. it will also say follow blog^___^
love u

S.Elisabeth said...

cute! I love, love the boots. And your description in the corner sounds very familiar!
And have fun with the Singapore sale, that sounds amazingg

Anonymous said...

The grunge look is terrific!!

BrownieBara said...


he is so adorable really!! you're one hot mom btw!! hahaha.. lucky woman.. to have sucha a gd figure!

and yeah definatet gonan follow your blog!

BrownieBara said...


thanks dear.. did you do some chnages to your blog. i can only see your latest post and i can't comment!! :(

BrownieBara said...

shin: thanks you dear... hmm.. i wanna play more with colours in my coming post! tell me what you think ok??

Alice said...

wow, thanks for your comment! of course i'll swap links with you! you also have an amazing blog. i love your style! the outfit a few posts down with the DIY shredded tank and the leather skirt and the outfit with the pink blazer and mesh bodysuit.. amazing!

thanks again!

Blanquita G said...

your style is fantastic!!!! i also really like your blog! thanks for the lovely comment!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
thank you for that sweet comment :)
i really dig your style, urban chic.
and yeah i'd love to do a link exchange.

Anonymous said...

Your style is ridiculously amazing! Love your boots!! And I dig your blog.

xo, Becs

fruitnibbler said...

thanks for the sweet comment.
btw, you have the sickest legs. :]
im jealous. hoho.
keep it up!!