Tresses that leads to new direction

(diy ripped tanktop, leatherette skirt:thrift,slouch tuxedo inspired jacket:thrift,gloves:forever21, boots:ebay)
  • I got my hair snipped!!Finally! i have never been this excited by a hair cut. This is by far the shortest i have gone and looking forward to update my hair every month or two. short hair can be very addictive.
  • I got these awesome boots at eBay and have never been happier. i would put up a picture of a close up tomorrow.
  • I bought a vintage moschino belt which i can't wait for it to arrive. i got outbid thrice!! Damn!! but i got mine at 5 pounds at a vintage thrift store. Lucky lucky!! :D
  • Holidays in a week. finally i can finish my DIY projects.


Sylvia said...

This outfit looks freakin great! I am so jealous of that tux blazer...I can't seem to find my 'perfect' blazer anywhere! Your hair looks good too!

Luxi said...

you have such greath style, I am inlove with that top. how did you do it? I can't get enough of my leather mini either:)I'm off to follow you now <3 x x x

Luxi said...

p.s. yesss I have fun doing my poses:)I'd had a glass of wine or 2 before taking thouse.

p.p.s from the back those shoes remind me of 'the' chloe platforms <3

Luv Lux
x x x

Jay♥ said...

I loooove the hair. And yes short hair is addictive. I have had my hair short for the past 8. In every style imaginable. lol

BrownieBara said...

hahah so adorable! i can't imagine what i will do with wine in my hands. (:

for the top its no DIY. its a simple top really. u know... i remember seeing a vintage tuxedo jacket on a ebay site. i will let u know once i see it again.

BrownieBara said...


do u happen to have pictures of your past haircuts?? i am looking for ideas for my new haircut! maybe you could do a post on that!

BrownieBara said...


what kinda blazer are u looking for? i dun seem to get tired of my boyfriend blazer.. i love the whole "slouchiness" of it. i will definately keep u updated when i find good blazers yeah?

Lara Natascha said...


wow amazing boday and amazing style!
i will add you on my blog roll!
do you add me too?
love lara

Edric said...

fabulous hair suits completes the whole look, classy,comfy n casual boots are stunning.

fourteenfashionstatements said...

thanks for the sweet comment :)
i LOVE your hair like that, and i know what you mean about wanting to go shorter and shorter and shorter... but it can get frustrating when one day you decide you want long hair. :P

SpiegelEule said...

hmm i like.

zoƫ said...

you look fiiierrrce .
i love the strategic use of gloves .. tough-luxe .


NOELLE said...

I'm following you now, please return the favor :)
And I like the cut of this tank - so long.

CAMILLE said...

love your shredded top here...looks great..always wanted do one but seems like a time consuming DIY

camille x
p.s thankyou for your sweet comment :)

Carolina Botelho said...

so hott!!

MsBlack said...

omg!! sooo jealous....let me borrow those shoes!! lol