Black is meant for me


Charcoal looking nail polish. what a beauty! i am looking for silver matte nail polish. anyone got any clue regarding that? it would make my day!

"Today, I went to a Chinese restaurant with my Asian girlfriend. when she went into the bathroom I practiced saying " Can we sex" in Chinese which is where i=she is from. After saying it a few times out loud, a waiter walked by and stared at me. when hr gave me the check he included his number" Anonymous

I had a blast reading embarrassing stories shared by random strangers @ fmylife


Anonymous said...

I need charcoal nail varnish now haha. Love your blog :)
Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

If you find a matte silver polish let me know.
I've found it in black, red, pink and so on but no silver. :(

BTW love your blog and your style!

anna bu said...

i linked you :)