The brightness of hell has simmered

what a good day. i had one hell of a sleep. i am one person who loves to do alot of things but get nothing done. i recently got to call our room my room. My sis moved out with her meatballs. It's mine but there is so much to be done. i'm currently dozing off in a sleeping bag. it'a a torture. i wake up every morning with a backache. i want to get a bed but there's always some hot new shoes that comes about and there goes my plan of getting a bed. there is not curtains. so it's always freaking bright. but nit's allright i have found a temp solution. cover the panels with aluminium foil. I have never been happier. :))))

i did this photoshoot project for my collegue fir. He is the most adorable, cutest french boy looking asian boy i have seen. Thanks for this Guru. I had so much fun. but er.. acting sexy is not really working for me. :D


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MsBlack said...

meow!! loving the photo shoot!! you should definitely do more!! mooooorrree!! mew!