through the tunnel came.. something brown

Peanuts skills are pretty superb that i don't need to do any photoshopping other than cropping and resizing. I guess he maybe be one reason why I wake up in the morning planning what to wear knowing how great he is gonna make the picture look. It’s so much fun going out with someone who feels the same way you do in almost everything. He can be your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother and even your father. This is what he has been to me. He never fails to impress me and teach me lessons on a daily business. I never felt so good about doing something (starting this blog). This blog means a lot to me and he never failed to encourage me in being creative.

Thanks my baby peanuts. Love u like a pussy cat.
update: i've been ripping some of my top. i wanna try to be a DIY guru like childhoodflames. Before i can become her, i have to try and do some of her stuff. so i'm currently trying her ripping shirt project. I've failed miserably but hey i am still gonna be the singapore Guru of cheap DIYs. :)~

Men’s Tshirt- G2000
Shorts- random
Belt- Peanuts
Boots- Lee

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