what a location

It was a crazy day for edric and I. We went to this location. It's at the West area. There a railway track just behind this house anyway. I would take some pictures soon at the tracks. Soon. :)

So I got to my position and edric went on taking picture. I got bitten by a mosquito once. so I was like well, just a few more shots. But just in less than a minute, I was getting bitten all over my legs. Edric was going crazy with all those bites too.
I couldn't even scratch it because I was wearing this short mini zara skirt.

well i guess i'm not not going to consider this as a location anymore.

anyway, i've been wanting to bleach my black pants for the longest time. I just don't seem to have the time. I promise i'm going to do it by next week.

top:plain tee, skirt=zara, shoes= charles &keith, necklace= tiffany and Co

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Edric said...

baby u look wonderful.